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Football changes China, China changes Football.

athletes first specializes as one of the first football agencies in providing mediation and partnerships in the football business in China with our Chinese partners and our office in China.

We cooperate with top clubs to connect them with local clubs, football schools, sport companies, business investors, sponsors and authorities. In the center of the Yunnan province athletes first is building the professional Football Academy Yunnan.

We also organize football youth camps and coaches seminars of foreign top clubs in Chinese football schools and we can ensure safe transfers of players and guide you up to the establishment of your own football academy in China.

By 2025 up to 50.000 football schools are to be established in China.

With powerful steps, China is increasingly discovering football as a popular sport and a new economic business. President and football enthusiast Xi Jingpin promotes nationwide the development of football as a government agenda.

Football is to become the No.1 sport in China.

Do not miss this development and business opportunity in China!

Large business groups and private business people support the top clubs of the Chinese Super League. Last year over 300 million Euros were invested in new foreign players to establish football in China and about half a billion Euros were invested directly by Chinese companies to purchase shares in European football clubs.

By 2025, up to 50.000 football schools are to be established in China and football should be implemented in every school.

A system of a youth club leagues should be established.

A big market with billions of fans, young people and children is waiting to get thrilled by football.

Are you interested in a cooperation within the football market in China and are looking for a suitable entry in the market?

Would you like to share your experience and knowledge in a cooperation with a Chinese football club or football school?

We connect you with the appropriate partners for your club, we connect you with potential investors and advertising partners from China.